Get ready for the ultimate group event

Looking for an electrifying event that will impress your friends, colleagues, or clients? Forever Young will be the go-to event of 2023 in Amsterdam. Our show is in English, so Dutch and international visitors alike can experience a whole new world of mixed media entertainment. The narrative our dancers craft with their physicality is its own universal language.


Going out with your crew? Groups can reserve a lounge-table (5-6 persons each) in the lounge area. You’ll have access to the dancefloor if you’re ready to take things up a notch, or relax and chill in your private area with a bottle of champagne or our signature cocktail. Be aware that there’s only a limited view of the show from the lounge.

Business | Team | Special Events

When you as an organization are looking for a different kind of experience for your employees, your customers or team. Look no further. Think of Amsterdam as the capital of innovation, electronic music, international nightlife and theater. Mix it all up and you have the magic potion of Forever Young. Whether you wish to have a private event (500-600 persons) or indulge a small group of your most loyal customers with a food-drink-show-lounge dance all-night-long experience. We got your back. Contact us and we’ll help you put together an unforgettable night that will be remembered for a very long time. [email protected]


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