The Show

Love Story

Forever Young is a next generation love story, brought to you as an interactive theatre show to the beat and rhythm of Don Diablo’s electronic music. The concept is genre-crossing. We mix elements of theatre, technology and electronic music into immersive storytelling.

The Story

In the show we follow the story of two young artists, Julia & Liam who are on their way to fame and fortune. In the end, superstar Liam Nova becomes increasingly distant from himself and the people around him, including his talented childhood sweetheart Julia. This is a story that connects and gives perspective. Forever Young is a story that addresses one of the most pressing issues facing young people worldwide: mental health.

The leading parts are played by the progressive multi-talents Denzel Chain (known from the international musical act Camp Kubrick) and Sherefa Yorks (the convincing winner of the TV show Dance Sing) They both make their first appearance in the theatre world.

From the red velvet to the dance floor

Experience this theater show from the dance floor and get ready for an active experience where the story unfolds through the audience. Forever Young is inspired by interactive urban theater performances in New York and London.

Forever Young is the future of theatre and you can be the first to experience it. Only 4 exclusive shows can be seen from 10 to 13 November at the Warehouse Theatre in Amsterdam.